In the 1930's Gypsy Jazz was made famous by the legendary Django Reinhardt and Le Hotclub de France.

In Roanoke, VA, a group was formed called Le Hotclub de Biglick (Biglick, being the old name for Roanoke, VA).

Now today, this music is kept alive by a group known as

Le Hotclub.

This music paints a picture that takes you back in time.

Come listen to the seductive sounds of Le Hotclub.

Le Hotclub de Biglick is proud to announce they were named to the Virginia Commission for the Arts for 2009-2014!


If one is feeling depressed they need not seek a prescription. Instead, catch a performance of this talent-laden group and you will soon forget your worries and begin to wear a big fat smile!

Le Hotclub is a feel-good band for all ages and musical preferences. These 4 chaps who dress-up in tuxedos are not only musicians. They are showmen, too. You'll have a hard time keeping your eyes (and ears) off  them. These guys are virtuoso performers, each with a rich background in music performance, studies and teaching.

No amateurs here.  Only 'LE FIN DU FIN'!

I promise you will not be disappointed."


Jan Wilkins


Roanoke, VA